SEO Services / Backlinks still profitable?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by W1zdom, Dec 13, 2011.

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    (obviously it's still profitable, but to what extent?)

    So I've been seeing tons of sites on flippa (lol), and other small sites claiming that they sell backlinks and make a pretty good profit off it. Obviously there's a ton of scams like, but is anyone making decent money off similar sites? Seems pretty saturated at times.

    I wanted to get into something similar (notscammingLOL) and wanted to get some feedback before diving in.

    I notice a lot of people stick to selling on forums and fiverr only...why is that?

    Welp, sorry if repost or anything...I searched around a bit =).

  2. SEO will always be worth big money if you can do it.

    It will be more and more important as the internet gets bigger

    and as more and more noobs enter the market that don't have a clue the skilled people will get even more money as finding them will be harder and many people will be looking for them. This is a profession of getting people found and they will get found. no such thing as overcrowding in this respect.

    SEO pays for itself in the revenue it generates by being top of search engines. Its a no brainer.
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