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    We are looking for SEO Trainers to train on the SENuke software. You must know all the inns and outs of this application. Your knowledge will be checked hands on.

    Here is a quick sample of 1 training session:

    - Senuke sign-up (This must be done correctly so i dont get blocked form using modules for 2 weeks)
    - Senuke download and installation (Yes, I know, you will get commission on my account and thats all yours)
    - Captcha signup and load credits (select the best service out there)
    - Proxy signups (select the best service out there)
    - Senuke overview and best practices
    - Build basic campaign for your promotion (I am aware that I can pay templates but I would like to go over those as well)
    - Build advanced campaign for your promotion
    - Drip feed ping all links

    Apply with:
    full name
    phone number and best time to call (We will use a regular phone. I do need to feel comfortable that you are a real person, real marketer and US based individual.)
    your expected compensation (no up front payment - I already paid someone upfront and he disappeared shortly after. Lesson learned! I can pay per milestone or any other reasonable plan that you may have)

    You Must be based in the US