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    First of all, it's my birthday today! Congrats to myself!

    So, since I have apparently no life at all, I thought this would be a great occasion to create a SEO plan for my site.

    Secondly, I just have to say thank you to the Black Hat World community for all the great information posted on this forum. It's not too long since I joined Black Hat World, but the knowledge I've been getting from here, has been, and will continue to be, priceless. I have a feeling that this will not be the last time I spend my birthday here!

    That said it is time to talk a bit about my site and SEO plan. I will be doing this every week to this site, maybe with a few twists, however, I will make a post if I do. I will also post updates regarding the keyword ranking progress.

    Some information regarding the site I'm going to rank:
    - Domain Age: Bought a 10+ year old domain a while back.
    - Page Rank: 0
    - 100+ Indexed Pages in Google
    - Around 100 RDD, 200 RLP and 5 BLEG in Market Samurai.

    Before this SEO plan, this is what I've done so far with the domain:
    - Small Scrapebox blast to main site.
    - AMR blast to main site.
    - BMD blast to main site.
    - Created a few Web 2.0 properties manually with link to both main page and inner pages, and blasted them with AMR, BMD & Scrapebox
    - Created a few forum profiles and written a few post with signature.
    - A few linkpushes with BassTrackerBoats service.
    - Big Buddys 101Backlinks and Vilambara.
    - SecondEyes profile links.
    - And last but not least 1 LinkPWN package from Georgebg and Botwiz.

    I've earned back the investment, if someone wonder.

    Last Thing Before I Start
    Create 15 keyword targeted Web 2.0 sites with one post each, no links at all, fill in profiles properly. I am going to rank these as well and use them in the SEO plan later. (Special thanks to Scritty who initially taught me how to create web 2.0's manually)

    This is what I will do with the web 2.0s:
    - Hammer them with AMR, BMD & SB.

    That was mainly it, oh wait, and post 1 article to each of them each week, and bookmark the post every time with BMD.

    We'll see if this is enough for ranking them, if not I will post an update later.

    I will not post all of the 15 keywords search volume and competiton I'm going to rank for, however, I could do it if people are interested.

    SEO Plan - Weekly

    - Write a 400-600 long article, and spinn it with "The Best Spinner" to 70%+ uniqueness and blast them with "Article Marketing Robot". Two links, one to one of the Web 2.0s, the other to main site.
    - Create a video and post it on Youtube, Current, 5min, Dailymotion, Bing Videos, MySpace, Vimeo, and UStream with link.
    - Write 5 articles and post them on various Web 2.0 with three links, one to an autority site, the second to the main site and the last one through main site to an affiliate re-direct. (If anyone think this is a bad idea, please say so.)
    - Write one press release and post it on a free press release site.
    - Write 5 quality articles and post them on Buzzle, GoArticles, ArticleDashboard, ArticlesBase and Ezine Articles. Two links, one to one of the web 2.0s, the other to main site.

    1 cycle for each keyword.

    To main page, half the keyword in domain.
    12 100 Exact Searches
    Currently ranking #12

    To domain/keyword(word).php
    8 100 Exact Searches
    Currenly ranking #13

    Keyword3 (easy)
    To domain/keyword(word).php
    260 Exact Searches
    Currently ranking N/A

    To get some idea of the competition, here are some of the sites I'm trying to outrank:

    PR4, 400+ IC, 200+ RDP and 30 000+ BLP
    PR4, 250+ IC, 2000+ RDP and 15 000+ BLP

    General Site Autority Building - Weekly

    - Add my site to several Directory Submission Sites.
    - Post with signature in High PR forums.
    - Link Exchange (after the next PR update).
    - Create some content and publish it on other domains with link in text (someone got some experience with this?).

    Almost forgot to say, will post 10 articles onsite every week.

    That was a long frickin post. Lastly I have to say thank you to Cash202 for the great SEO Blueprint thread, +rep to you, and thanks again to the BlackHatWorld community for being the greatest forum in the world by a mile!

    If you have any suggestions that could improve my SEO Plan, questions or other things, please leave a reply. :)

    I will try to update this thread on a regularly basis!

    Cheers! :D
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    Come on guys. No feedback at all?