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Sep 7, 2010
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Just sitting back watching and drinking my coffee. Very curious as to what a SEO can do with the help of Social Media

Skye chris23892

Let's hear some thoughts on this subject.
Reson I'm asking is we run a social media company. Forum will not let me go into details, but we have over 1,450 accounts that people have signed up on on that "big social media site".

We sent out information via RSS abour every 30 mins and it reaches all those accounts and ALL the people on THEIR accounts. getting bigger too.

Just looking for ways to levergae this monster.
That's the beauty of it...there is no domain :)

took a service called feedblitz, created email lists and added targeted RSS content. created 20 blogs that the targeted RSS feeds get mailed too. Used twitter feed to feed the RSS from those blogs to all the twitter accounts.

Our sighup sheet in on all the blogs. averages about 10-40 twitter accounts per day to add to the twitterfeed account.

We can make a blog post and have that one post go out to over 800 twitter accounts.

VERY cool. What can a SEO do with something like this?
quite an interesting set up . thanks for sharing . I wonder how to set up all those accounts and recruit that number of people. good for you !
Are you the guy who keeps spamming my 800 Twitter accounts!

just kidding...

I find actual offers is the best way to leverage social. I have several million facebook fans and every offer post I make produces thousands of dollars. The hard part is figuring out when to stop so you don't burn them all out. I find that I can acquire a retail customer for about $0.16 on FB and previously was acquiring retail customers for $10.00 each via adwords... long story short, !@#$ Google! Facebook is printing free money. Take it while it lasts.
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