SEM.Co worth?


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Mar 5, 2009

I am bidding for SEM.Co in the I have applied this domain in landrush option and there are only 7 bidders. Please advise how much the domain name is worth and how far I can go for this name. Your views much appreciated.
there are a lot of .co domains available still
but those are a good 3 letters id think.
(considering i see things like sell for thousands)

what is the bid at? i dont think these would hit 4 figures??
lol it's at $40? keep going man.. wow.. thats good for a three letter domain. You could build as a search engine management company (consultancy) and make mega bucks.
@OP It was a bad idea to post that here man. No offense but you just created competition for yourself man. Good luck with the bidding!, its is only allowed for those who had previously applied for this domain through landrush, so there are only 7 bidders. so dont worry aat it
yeah, its a 3 letter domain and these .co are sort of hot (for now)
id just have to guess its going to hit AT LEAST 500??
if you told me it hit 5000 it wouldnt surprise me.
its 775 at the moment and and 300 landrush price which will result in more than 1000, so should I keep on bidding?
I dont think its worth it
If you already have an idea of its use then go for it otherwise No
its currently on 900 and I have put max for 1000, lets see how it goes, I am in arbitrage for last 2 yrs. Can do something for it.
it totally slipped my mine that SEM (embarassing) search engine marketing.
i dont know how many days are left but its going to cost a lot!!!
its keep on extending for 24hrs if someone keep on bidding currently 1400, we are only 2 in race, if i wont get it then it will not be an easy race for him too
.co domains are worthless imo. just another .me / .cm hype created by marketing and the registrars/ICANN to make more $ for them.
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