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    Hi, I'm a marketer and I've been developing/coding (php/mysql/js/etc.) since I was a kid. I've got a few equity arrangements struck up, but none of it is making any money. Seems like it's taking ages to really drive lots of buy-happy, relevant, effective traffic to the stuff I'm selling, and I know practically every technique in the book. This has me in quite a bind because I need these things to make me my "own" money instead of continuing to be in the contractor-coder/marketer's hustle on CL/etc.

    I'd love it if folks could take a look at this sales page and just drop me a line about what you think on why, with its 30-40 visitors a day, it never sells a copy. I'm soon adding a bonus package of articles as incentive to add value at the end of the sales page (maybe that's why?)--anyhow:

    Thanks and Happy New Year,