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Seeking a bit of Twitter wisdom and help

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by 3ss3xGirl, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. 3ss3xGirl

    3ss3xGirl Newbie

    Aug 26, 2016
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    An experienced and kindly "black hat" is needed here. Earlier this year I became "ghostbanned" on Twitter. I own a small business and merely put out about 8 or 9 biz tweets per day and do some retweeting. Also visit and do some tweeting during networking hours. Long story short, suddenly nothing I tweeted came up under hashtags and I will spare the reader more of the story as you know how this works.

    A fellow experienced in all matters computer, including coding on Twitter sussed out very quickly who did the ghostbanning and it was not Twitter. It is someone whom has done this to several other people she has it in for. He was supposedly going to help me get my account back but something happened along the way, what, I am not sure because we certainly never had words, got along great. I need to know if she possibly built a bot to do the ghosting dirty work? Is anyone here aware of this sort of thing and if so could you please help me. I'm not a kid, I'm a rather older woman just trying to make a bloody living and this hinders that ability quite a lot. She even seems to ghost her own accounts! Oh yes, they come back on at will. There are about a dozen of us at least under this womans harrassment but we have no proof at all to go to Twitter with. If I'm asking in the wrong place, please point me in the right direction? Many thanks and warm blessings ~