searched and read but still need a little more help please :)


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Nov 17, 2009
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Whats going on everyone? First off great site, with lots of really good info. I just need some things cleared up and if some people could help me out that would be AWESOME.

OK so I'm going to start using CPA affiliate program. I was planning on buying a few URL's that have to do with mortgages and real estate.

So here is where I need a little clarification on steps I should take :)

Should I do the following in this order?
1. I buy a few URL's that have to do with a product or services im offering (mortgages/ real estate)
2. design the pages in wordpress and add info about product or service
3. sign up with CPA affiliates, pick catagory close to my sites, list my URL's
4. once excepted add a link to the affiliates landing page that has the opt in

I took a look at this article which had some good info.

So my basic question is do I have these steps right? Where do i get the info for my webpage, which should ensure CPA's will approve me? Thanks for any and all help in advance.