scraping bots ruin my website


Jun 2, 2016
I build website from 2 months ago and everything work good, but suddenly i find number of visitors is decrease in google analytics.

After some search i find many websites open with same content of my website just change all url from to and they have strange link to website ( in the bottom of every page.

Her is a live examples for a popular websites ( and ( i found it when i try to solve this situation just open ( and ( and you will see what i'm talking about.

They remove my javascript and open from multiple ips so i can't block them by ip.

The problem now not they only copy my content they also take my page authority.

Google confuse about my website and think all these websites is same thing and i can say google divide the pages suppose indexed by the number of websites so if google suppose index 100 page and there is 5 websites every website will index 100 / 5 = 20 page only.

Another topic i found it talk about this problem :

I can block them by checking javascript enable or not but it will block google bots too :(

The question is how to block them or prevent them to take my page authority without effecting my seo :(


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Are you using any nulled themes? In my case, I was using a nulled theme and it had hidden backlinks to some other page.
report the sites to google and check if useragent or something is different as a normal user and block them
I have the same problem and my question is if i disavow them in the search console will i get all the domain authority?
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