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    I am a little confused about the ping mode in Scrapebox. What exactly does it do? Does it help getting URLs indexed or is that only the Rapid Indexer Addon?

    I scraped about 6000+ URLs for ping mode all with domain PR of anything between 0-10. Is it most useful to do a lot of pings to a few high PR sites or a few pings to all the sites?
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    Pings your URL's to alert the Google (and other search engine) bots to crawl it

    No, neither ping mode nor the Rapid Indexer Addon help your url's get indexed. The Rapid Indexer Addon is only for homepages and not deep links so that can't help. The ping mode could "hypothetically" help if your backlinks are on pages deemed high quality enough to be indexed by Google but in reality most backlinks you build, particularly profile backlinks, will not be indexed just by pinging them. The only way to convince google they are "worthy" of being indexed is by building backlinks to them, which is where scripts like Backlinks Energizer or Backlinks Index Express come in handy, which are the best for getting your links indexed
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