Scrapebox: Learn the difference between Licence Transfer and Activation

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by seoguy81, Mar 25, 2012.

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    After 3 days of futile attempts, I am forced to make this thread in hopes that Scrapebox developers will make their software activation terms a bit more logical.

    I switched VPS providers recently and managed to successfully transfer the licence to my new VPS provider. Few days later my VPS HDD crashed taking down all data with it.

    Understandable. VPS or even your own good old desktop, system crashes are something that is inevitable and doesn't come announced.

    I downloaded scrapebox and tried to activate the software but to no avail. Its been 3 days and i'm still struggling with support. Most of their replies are cut/paste responses.

    If the transfer didn't work it will be due to either the details being entered in wrong, or ScrapeBox has already been transferred this month. So please check these 2 things, and resubmit if the wrong details were entered when transferring your Email Address and Transaction ID must match your original activation. If you received a "ScrapeBox Transferred" email and it's not working, then go to Help >> Test Server Connection to make sure you have 6 green lights and nothing is blocking it from running.
    Repeated attempts to make them understand that this is not a license transfer but a re-activation just fails to drive home the point.

    I'm not sure how Scrapebox PTY Ltd. that develops software is so ridiculous when it comes to issues such as activation, which is clearly different to a license transfer.

    SB is one of the best value for money SEO tool out there, but their failure to take into consideration licence activation on the same system is just plain BS.

    I hope someone from SB can address this issue.