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    I talked with the guy ''Onlinefunda12'' and seems a possible scammer so thought it's good idea to inform the fellow bhw's.
    Even though he might be a good guy and just be strict on the way he works for his own reasons, so no offense Onlinefunda12 from my post.
    He advertised himself on a post on a thread and actually i see that this is his only post.

    The Dialoge:
    hi how much do you charge for a campaign?
    [5:21:37 PM | onlinefunda12: $(i delete the amount as he may not want to be that public).
    [5:22:54 PM] Blackhorse1: with 100$ coupon?
    [5:23:16 PM] onlinefunda12: yes
    Blackhorse1: is it ok to firstly see the ad live before send you the payment?
    [5:32:20 PM] onlinefunda12: no
    [5:32:41 PM] onlinefunda12: we need payment first
    [5:32:46 PM] Blackhorse1: lol why?
    [5:33:15 PM] onlinefunda12: people don't pay sometime when the campaign runs
    [5:34:06 PM] Blackhorse1: i want just to show it live it will not take more than like 5$ from the coupon
    [5:35:43 PM] onlinefunda12: its not possible..
    [5:37:28 PM] Blackhorse1: why do you have a reason? It will cost you 0$ , and the chances i am trying to steal from you 5$ from an adwords coupon you know they cannot be more than 0% for any normal logic.
    [5:38:05 PM] onlinefunda12: and don't you think it will waste our time as well
    [5:40:04 PM] Blackhorse1: yes but you are doing that to have a long term customer you do not sell an 1 time product like an ebook, i am sure you understand the huge difference.
    [5:43:00 PM] onlinefunda12: you are ordering a campaign we can't accept your order without payment...I will update you once we start accepting campaigns without payment...Thanks
    [5:43:28 PM] Blackhorse1: why am i supposed to trust you?
    [5:44:00 PM] Blackhorse1: do you have a well known reputation and business?
    [5:45:13 PM] onlinefunda12: And how do i trust you? .I will update you once we start accepting campaigns without payment...Thanks ....that what i can say at this time
    [5:45:19 PM] onlinefunda12: Please understand us
    [5:45:27 PM] onlinefunda12: :)
    [5:45:28 PM] onlinefunda12: Thanks
    [5:46:25 PM] Blackhorse1: i will risk (that amount)$, you will risk around 0$. I will earn if i scam you like 5$ from a coupon you will earn if you scam me (that amount)$ from my own money.
    [5:49:42 PM] Blackhorse1: any kind of reputation with which someone can trust you the (that amount)$
    [5:53:12 PM]Blackhorse1: i will inform bhw cause that smells scam. No offense of course as you may be a good guy and have your reasons for that.

    A guy with just 1 post which is an ad for his services... + plus the above dialogue smells a lot. So each one can make his conclusions and protect himself.
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    i try PM you but your inbox is full