Running Fake Ticket Competitions

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by poisonsembrace, Nov 2, 2010.

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    I'm trying something new with Facebook at the moment; using it to get people to opt into my email list with fake ticket competitions pages.

    For example, a big celebrity/band/whatever is coming to your country, you set up a ccTLD with CelebNameTickets.ccTLD These are pretty simple to rank for provided you give yourself 2-3 months in advance.

    Step 1 is to get their email on my double opt in list so I can send them offers even if/when the Facebook page is banned.

    Step 2 is always to "Like" the Facebook page so that their friends and family will see it in their feed and then follow the same step.

    Every few days, I tell them to tune into a well known radio or T.V station to learn more about how to win tickets and to ensure they Like this so their friends find out.

    The key to having them share it a lot on Facebook is by offering the winner more than just 1 ticket; offer 10. Incentive is that if their friends sign up, it increases their own chances of winning if their friend happens to win.

    Every few days, I send out a email like the following.

    Over the coming weeks, I have them fill out CPA offers which grants them additional entries into my fake competitions.

    You can use this for just about anything really, Facebook users are not very intelligent and once you get a list going, they're quite happy to jump through hoops in order to gain additional entries.

    Wrong/immoral? I guess so but radio stations have pulled stunts like this for many years now.
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    Can you fake a referral with ?ref=123456789 using their Facebook username or id? It can work both ways, some will wonder how you will know that their friends signed up, well, referral numbers.
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    thanks a lot for the share buddy i have a twist in mind i am sure...... this can make a lot
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    careful with running contests on Facebook these days. I've lost a few Pages because of people reporting what they believe to be fake contests (even though they were real contests)