[RO] SEO - Romanian Text - Latin or Authentic RO letters?


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Jun 25, 2015
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I'm going to start my website and I notice that some sites use latin characters while others use the authentic romanian letters.

Have you observed any difference from SEO perspective which is better or it's the same?

I don't really understand the question.

Romanian letters are the same except we also use ă, î, ş, ţ, â.
There was an article from Matt Cutts, it doesn't matter, the algorithm doesn't take into consideration diacritics.

As @s1mer said above Romanian alphabet has the same 26 letters as English one + ă, î, ş, ţ, â ; which indicate the pronunciation of a word, but most of Romanians don't use them in daily writing as it comes naturally to read words without them.
Why don't you find this by testing:
  1. Find a RO kw in a competitive niche (something ecommerce related).
  2. Google it
  3. Check the first results to see if they use these letters or not.
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