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Nov 4, 2009
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Anyone a reverse engineer on this forum? I'm looking for possibly setting up some training sessions, using Let's talk!

real reverse engineers are pretty hard to come by nowadays - what do you want to learn?
divinci. As much as I can. So far I'm just learning by myself and bought a few books on Amazon.

Mainly I'm trying to learn how to efficiently use IDA, OllyDbg, Unpacker tools and possibly w/ a teachers guidance try to "crack" some application's as a learning process.

You have any experience in those tools?
It is not that hard to get started, but it should take time and dedication to master.

A while back, I fired up ollydbg and I cracked an application after checking out some 8 minute youtube video. This was all in under 30 minutes and I have never really programmed in assembly but I have the gist of how it works.

My guess is the basics are really easy and you can acquire those by yourself, but once you start encountering anti-debugging code then you need to have access to someone/documentation with the tricks of the trade amassed over the years.
Reverse Code Engineering is quite a lot of branch on it :)
I was using IDA Pro for disasembling and SoftICe for Debugger... Both are killing apps for reverse engineer.
I suggest you start learning of protection scheme that you want to beat on... Is it trial ? Or Criple demo etc..
You can start with error dialog box when try to register... then search the text on dialog box with Disasembler/Debugger software... after you find that.. trace it until you find the "real".
Sometime when its for personal use... i just like to change the jump operator to make it work properly...
Try lena's tutorials you can google it, i've started by learning asm as a kid,then it was much easier for me to understand what am doing.
yeah lena are good tutorials. And there really isnt many people learning this.. its a shame because you really need to learn machine language.
You could always take the time to learn to actually engineer your own applications. Unless you wanted to use reverse engineering to actually learn something for your own software development. Its much more fulfilling, you end up with much better tools to use and won't be a software cracking, slimeball. So, there's always that.

PS-Unless you plan to crack microsoft software. In which case, huzza for you!
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