retrieving data from an old database (v12-dbe)


Jun 14, 2019
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Sup guys?

I am new here and I have no idea where to post this but in this forum. anyways, I have this database full of public data of companies directory in my country.

It is a new updated database (2018) but the person who made the program used a very old program. basically, he used adobe director 8.5 (I am thinking he is an old programmer) lol. anyways, the data the program uses is from V12-DBE an old database engine which the company who built it has been disbanded and merged with another company.

the task is to try to find a way to read through the database and import it into an excel/CSV format for me to be able to go through it in human readable format rather than going through its outdated ad infested program.

I know that this job looks out of way, but someone with a "V12 Tool" (which would have been around in 2003, but the company's website is no longer around) would make things easier.

If you have any questions please pm me.

Please suggest your favorite method of transfering the zipped folder. and I will of course scan it through virustotal as well for you convenience. I used something for now that would expire in 7 days.

I will pay $20 in crypto (any currency) for this to be done.