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[Request] Youtube channel info

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by OnMGrind, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. OnMGrind

    OnMGrind Regular Member

    Aug 7, 2014
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    I have a few questions regarding youtube and its channels.

    1) If I have a youtube channel in 1 niche, should I make a new youtube account if I want to make a channel in a completely different niche?

    Youtube account with niche related name ---> channel for said niche ---> channel DIFFERENT NICHE


    Should I make a different youtube account for the channel in the different niche?

    My youtube account is fairly old and I know that aged accounts are better than fresh ones, but the thing is my youtube account has a very niche related name. So should i make a new account? Does it matter?

    Will i be penalized by youtube if I have a seperate channel for different niches?

    2) When it comes to monetizing your account... Is it solely based on channel? Say I have a gaming niche channel with 9k views. I heard it takes around 10k views to start monetization. If I do monetize the youtube channel, will I be able to monetize a new channel in the same account? Or does that channel also have to break the 10k(?) barrier?

    3) How do you incorperate playlist into your uploading? If you have a game niche and every single video in your channel is about a specific game, Is there any particular way to setup the playlist? I feel its beneficial to just add every video into a playlist so when they watch one, youtube will put your next video in line instead of another... Is there anything extra I should know? Or is that the jist of it? Does naming the playlist with a keyword help rank videos?