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    Do you feel like getting repetitive when you try to write multiple articles in the same niche?

    I feel like I make the same points when I'm writing about 2 related yet different stuff.

    Is this a bad thing?

    I mean, what are the odds for person a to read both articles?
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    under there
    I used to worry about that, especially in niches that don't offer a mountain of differences.
    I'm doing a lot of yard work today, so I'll use that as my niche example.
    How many different ways can you talk about putting down lawn seed?
    2-3 total?
    Ok, so take a post you feel is repetitive, break it down to 300words, mostly bullet points and use it under a video(yours or someone else's). Most people will watch the video and ignore the written content under it, but you get the benefit of the content for SEO.
    Take part of your article and make it an Infographic and same strategy for the content.
    Now you're drawing the visitor from just the content and any repetitiveness of it and increasing their engagement.

    If that isn't helpful, then instead of making a new post, add more information to the old post, make it bigger.
    Back to my example niche: lawn watering.
    Instead of 3-4 slightly repetitive posts between 500-1000 words, I would make it a 3,000+ word guide and discuss every aspect of lawn watering: time, frequency, sprinklers, hose attachments, best times, checking if you're drowning the lawn, and such.
    This would give me an opportunity to not only link out to other helpful articles on my site but also increase potential for good long-tails and LSIs in that post.
    Lawn watering links to;
    Mowing frequency
    Lawn disease
    Grass types
    Lawn fertilizer
    Planting grass seed

    Hope those suggestions help.

    Granted, it also depends on your monetization strategy. If you're doing Adsense or some affiliate offerings, then yes, this will help you, but if you're doing something like Amazon, then it isn't as good and you should not worry about driving them around your site and instead focus on driving them to Amazon.

    I primarily do affiliate monetization, except for 1 site where I am working on Amazon, and am still figuring that out.
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    Thats not really a thing to worry about. It is common to everyone. But with experience, you can easily get over this. Like, If you are supposed to write 10+ articles about a single niche, make sure you have got 10+ notable points about the niche. And start writing the articles one by one with highlighting one point in each article. So each one will be unique on topic and the way of telling too.

    If you are telling the same point with same way of telling in 2 articles, that will defintelly look odd to the readers, but lets just avoid it by writing in different styles.
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    I would use different angles for that, articles about putting down grass seed, types of grass seed, why grass is better for the environment, why it looks better than paving etc. Then I'd link them together. Makes it less boring to write , less boring for the reader and more opportunities to monetize each article differently
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