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Feb 27, 2019
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Recently I just created a website of one of our client's product pages and product category page. The metric I have received from the organic traffic for the product page is 17 seconds(avg page loading is 4 seconds) with Bounce Rate 33% and Exit Rate 33%. Where for the category page is 2 minutes with Bounce rate 50% and Exit Rate 25% which is quite good I guess.

But my main concern is my landing(PP) page which is ranking 5 spots for my targeted KW for average volume with no conversions. What I am really confused about is... Why do I have lower BR and ER if I have lower average user time as ER & BR should be high. Even one of my blogs recently had 22 users with on average user time spent is 8 minutes with BR 86% and ER 84% :/ I don't understand where things have been messed up. Whether I am targeting the wrong audience or my website GA trackers are broken. Can anyone help me out?