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    Bulk email delivery service ,real targeted web traffic and new referral/affiliate program needed.

    We are an established worldwide Private Securities Lender. Our clients seek to use their investments (Stocks, Bonds, Options, Mutual Funds, etc) to obtain liquidity (CASH) . Simply put, clients can borrower 100k to 35 million + against the value of their investment portfolio. (this is not a margin loan)

    We would like to start:

    1. retail email campaign to end user/borrower- full company direct phone numbers, street address and contact info will be in text body.

    2. real targeted website traffic -from ppl who currently own Stocks, Bonds, etc

    3. affiliate program - where marketing professionals use their talent and resources to generate leads, once a potential client/lead is established. We will do all the work, from processing, underwriting and funding in-house.
    compensation would be 1% to affiliate/ marketer of total amount funded.

    (Ex. client borrowers $200,000 = 1% or $2,000 USD compensation).

    We can fund within 7-10 days from start to finish, affiliate get paid 3 days after client receives loan proceeds. min. loan is set at $200,000 (USD) There is no maximum loan limit. clients can borrower up 80% of the total portfolio value.

    There will be ZERO up front fees to the clients and ZERO sign up fees to affiliate/marketer. Our interest rates are from 2.5% to 4.5% (Ex. client borrowers 200k at 2.5% = $416.67 monthly interest only payments.)

    A new website is being developed this week for the internet campaign.

    Any professionals with ideas/services for both marketing direct to client and recruiting affiliates/marketers ?