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Jun 28, 2010
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I'm exceptionally curious about something here. There's some chatter going back and forth here regarding perhaps the viability of Facebook marketing and HOW to actually properly leverage it... but I've not really seen anything completely indicative of the "right" approaches to take. Or even how folks are leveraging it with real efficacy to make profit or draw users and/or clients.

Would some of you mind sharing "testimonials" and how-to's regarding your tactics?

First, what services do you use and which ones are most effective? Will you please share some true rounded figures? For example, how do you actually leverage Fan pages? Paid Ads? Status updates / mass status updates? Do you harvest emails and phone numbers when they are posted and do some sort of lead gen? What else? And what results do you see from those?

I have heard that status updates are read around 400-1000x more than ads are viewed for CPM ads.

Second, what information do you usually pay attention to on personal profiles when building leads or gathering info to figure out ways to market to FB users? Or is that something anyone is doing or worth doing?

Third, I've seen that even using facebook with ZERO (0) friends is profitable... How so? What do you do to leverage FB for such a case? Do you just info crawl and send messages to profiles that "hit" certain keywords that you see when searching?

Fourth, is there a way to data mine FB for more strategic marketing approaches and if so, how are you doing it and what info seems most beneficial to look at? Or do you just "demographic dive?"

I'm SOOO excited to get some real feedback here. It seems that FB is really not being properly tapped and I'd love to hear how people are properly tapping it and what kinds of results they're seeing. I feel there's a lot more potential than just twitter spamming with FB, but I want to know how to properly leverage it in such a way that I could apply it to everything from lead gen for biz ops to building new startups that just need massive (perhaps somewhat targeted) volumes of users to pour in.

Thanks for any input!

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Wow thats a lot of text. But those are exactly the questions I have.

Everyone seems to make money with FB but almost none will share their method because it will get saturated. I do not blame them for this though...I mean I would have done the same lol.

It is really about being creative and thinking outside the box IMO. If you nail it then earnings can be endless...because then you can just scale your method even more.

Running paid ads is another issue though. I have never run ads on FB because I dont have enough capital, but that too requires lot of testing and stuff.

My CPA accounts are just rotting...I have only made like couple of hundred bucks combined lol.

FB can be very huge, but you need the right unsaturated method.

I will follow this thread in hopes of something useful. Good luck bro.
Thanks, yeah, we're on the same wavelength here.

Honestly, if people are not willing to share them publicly here, would you share privately with a promise that I would not share the methods? Perhaps we can keep it "hush hush" if it is so guarded.

Further, if no one "in the know" will share here, let's try to put the puzzle together ourselves.

First, your thread title is misleading. Right now it indicates that you share something in regards to Facebook marketing and not that you have questions about it. You might want to edit it:)

Second, I highly doubt you'll get the answers you are looking for. Put yourself in the shoes of marketers who REALLY have profitable Facebook methods. Why would you tell the world how you do it?

You'll find some posts with advice on BHW already and in the member downloads section you'll find some shared products about Facebook marketing.

After having read everything you could, try to put your own spin on it by combining elements from different methods into your very own new method, etc.

I know that my response will disappoint you, but that's the best advice I can give you.
Sure my secret method that I use to get $2,169 is "Insert CB aff ID"

Seriously.. there are so many articles that explain FB on here and you can do just about ANYthing on FB to get a few $$$'s.

peter2002 Thanks, certainly did not want to be misleading. Just had a jumble of thoughts I wanted to get out quickly to see if anyone could shed some light.

Do you know of any "starting threads" that would provide some insight? I certainly would, yes, like to find some more consolidated info or specifics, at least to springboard the thought process and plan of action...

So far it seems that many I've seen are somewhat dead ends, so I do apologize.
Hey dude, if you are starting off in FB (like I am) the best advice I can give you is to find a JV. Trust me, working in a team is much better than working alone...although you have to split, it is worth it.

Try to sell your skills. If you dont have any just ask people if they need help with anything. I promise you, you will get help on BHW, especially if you have some skills like programming, coding, etc.

I am also doing the same cause I dont know anything about FB either :eek:

I hope that helps you. FB is a tough nut to crack, but the ones who do bank like hell. Good luck again.
facebook has the great potential,you just need to explore it in the right direction
Using our SFSM networks in South Florida I have helped to increase one clients Wednesday Bar sales from roughly no sales to over $10,000 in just 6 weeks...

It is about engagment but most importantly knowing that Facebook isn't the only tool. It is about bridging a constant communication but also bringing offline and online together at once. Events are an awesome way to display that message whether it be a discount to your fans or an actual event such as a new menu item.

I could go on and on and on....
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