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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by nenjak, Apr 14, 2010.

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    I too am a IM noob. But I just found out something I think everyone should know. If you are not using Google webmaster to track links and what not you should really start thinking about it. Heres why.

    I have been trying to go after a few keywords with low competition for about 2.5-3 months now. I keep going in and out of "phrase-position" for one particular keyword phrase. "Broad Position" is where I want to be. Those of you who use MS know what I'm talking about. Its a 3 part keyword phrase. But when I checked Google Webmaster I was in 10th position for the keyword phrase minus the 3rd word!!! How, why, when, where, what the F*ck!!!!! This 2 word keyword phrase has 50 times more competition than the 3 word keyword phrase and way more searches (and a very high SEOT).

    UHHH....... WOW-HELL YA-Finally Something. Now Lets see if get it to the top.

    Oh, so the moral is.. keep your patients/pants on and check google webmaster once in a while, it helps..... I think.
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    Google Webmaster is a nice tool set but, it sounds like a classic seo misdirection...

    Your site is clearly better optimized for the two word phrase more than the three word phrase. Try reading through your content and check your seo base points; title, content, keyword relevance, backlinks - inbound and outbound.

    See what directories have your content listed under if you are using web 2.0 for posting content offerings, such as blogs, articles, bookmarks. Tighten up your seo in those areas and you will strengthen your link position even faster.
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    I was going to make a thread about the exact same thing the other day! I am ranked higher for the 2 word version of my keyword, even though as far as im aware my site is full optimised for the 3 word version.