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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by judaculla, Dec 26, 2016.

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    I've a site that has a fair bit of authority, and I approached my strategy of ranking as it being a brand—and ranked an article on that site. I've ranked a few other articles as well, and I'm now able to see articles for lower competition keywords rank quickly due to the authority of the overall domain. I've also been able to squeeze into the first page of some very competitive keywords, and am wondering about the implications of building links to additional articles.

    If I were to have a penalty, manual or algorithmic, placed on my site for articles that links that point to only a single article, would that penalty affect other articles that are ranking well?

    For example, I've article number 1 ranking for keyword number 1. All the links are legit, and I'm not very concerned with getting a penalty.

    If I were to put out article number 2, and build links that were more blackhat—would a penalty from the links of article 2 affect the ranking of article 1? Assuming, there were little additional domain authority given from the links from article 2.

    Sort of new territory for me
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    The new Penguin update is apparently page specific, so no, only the spammy page should apparently be affected.