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Quick Way to Make $$$ using CPA and Twitter

Discussion in 'CPA' started by bizwoman, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. bizwoman

    bizwoman Registered Member

    Mar 7, 2009
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    I found this newbie method posted on another forum and thought it was an interesting way to make easy cash. I don't believe you can do hundreds of dollars a day using this method unless you mass produce twitter accoutns but if you commit 1 hour a day to getting new followers, you can create a steady stream of conversions. Would love to get some feedback on the pros and cons of this method.

    Here goes:

    Step 1: Browse through your CPA accounts and look for offers to get an idea on what you can promote. Look for popular things in the media etc. A good example here is the Palm Pre, Rockband, Free Macbook. Free iphone, Free Acai Berry, etc?

    Step 2: Find people that want or need something, AND ARE TALKING ABOUT IT. Use twitter search to find people looking for things. Use quotes to find exact terms.
    Try these for a start- ?I want an iphone?, ?I need gas money?, ?I need a man?, ?I want a boyfriend?, ?my phone just broke?, ?Going to the gym?, ?want a gym membership?
    The potential here is only limited to the amount of keywords that you can find.

    Step 3: Find a good CPA offer that will fill the Tweeters need and TinyURL your link. Do not Bit.ly it, as Bit.ly has a spam filter, and CPA offers often get trapped.

    Step 4: Set up a new email account somewhere.

    Step 5: Set up a Twitter profile with a super attractive name that will attract the person who just said they want a new laptop. My example site: twitter (.) com / freedelllaptops. You can also see how my tweets look here. It doesn?t have to be pro looking, just normal will do fine.

    Step 6: Sing up for FlashTweet and get their free 14 day trial. If you don?t make at least $50 bucks in your first two weeks, just cancel your trial. Its $6 per month. HUGE NO BRAINER.

    Step 7: Load your newly created twitter accounts into Flash Tweet, and start mass following people by the keywords you find in Twitter search.

    Step 8: Watch your CPA clicks skyrocket and $$$ come in!!!

    Step 9: Find more keywords, Set up more Twitter pages, Find more offers, and make more money.

    The psychology here is that a person that says ?I want a blackberry?, has a new blackberry on their mind. They will see that FreeBlackberry is following them, and it will cause them to look at Freeblackberry?s twitter page. The last post that they see will say something like ?only 8 Free Blackberry?s left, click here to see..? They will click, and they will enter their email address, and you will get paid.


    -You can only follow 2000 people, so you may need to Twitter Karma your followers often.
    -There is no Twitter Keyword tool, so you have to do your keyword research by just searching twitter yourself.
    -Twitter can delete your account for spam, which HAS happened to me. If it happens, just create a new account and get back on the horse.
    -I have only promoted Email/Zip submit offers. The person that can find a way to get into other markets will find the REAL money and the $500+ days.
    -I only have 25 offers going right now due to lack of time.
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