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    Hey Guys! I've just started studying about Proxies and I am really confused!

    With the provided private and public proxies list

    What do you do with it? Like how do you use it? Where do you put the list? Is it a software? A plugin in the browser or in the computer preferences?

    I need to learn about Proxies (for addmefast) AND HOW TO USE AND WHAT TYPES OF THINGS DO I NEED TO MAKE IT WORK
    Basically, what do you with the proxies list?
    Please Help Me and the rest here who are noobs in this kind of section (proxies)

    ~~THANKS!!! :)
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    ok. proxy list is just a list of proxy servers (IP : port, in most cases one server per line). I think it's obvious and have no idea what is confusing you.
    proxy server "wraps" all requests from you to the target. so the target sees that requests come from a proxy server, not you. it makes your requests anonymous (if proxy server does not set up HTTP headers that indicate that you use proxy, that's why proxy have to be "anonymous").
    to make it work you have to set up proxy settings. it can be system-wide settings (i don't know what OS you use so just google it), or you can force your browser to use proxy (again, i don't know what web browser you use so..), or you can use proxies with any kind of software that supports it. i guess that you are not interested in technical details about how proxy server works, so just pick one proxy server (IP : port) from your proxy list and change settings (OS/browser/software) to use it.
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    another thing - if you need proxies for https sites(all social media, classifieds, etc) you must use https or socks proxies. preferably dedicated.