Question on why you need to spin content?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by marine584, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Could someone please explain the need to spin content? I have around 20 written articles on my website that each target different keywords.

    All these articles are indexed in google and as such are accredited to my website. Im now looking into doing backlincking for each inner page.

    I plan on doing this by using AMR. etc

    Would I need to spin these articles? Would I get penalised if I blasted the same article to 2000 directories for each inner page?

    I cant understand the concept of needing to spin. If I had for example written a world breaking news story first. Then around the worldwebsites then copied the peice of text and posted it with links back to my site. My site would not be penalised for duplicate content.

    Thanks in advance
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    Make the articles on your site 100% unique written by you.

    The need to spin articles is when you are blasting backlinks that require articles. Your using AMR which submits articles to article directories, we have to spin articles because G00gle will only merit your article on its uniqueness and arguely the readability. If you have just copied an article form elsewhere on the internet they will regard your article as a ploy to just create a backlink with spam methods.

    If you inserted a 'well spun' article into AMR with spintax the program will generate an article depending on the words you highlighted in your spintax. So instead of 1 article going to 2000 places, it will be 2000 unique articles going to each site.

    Spintax works like this.

    Normal sentence:

    I went to the shop

    Sentence with spintax:

    I {walked|drove|ran|jogged} to the {shop|supermarket|store}

    Obviously in this example I haven`t used many words inside the brackets, but programs such as The Best Spinner and Spinner Chief will generate far more words in the click of a button.

    Does this help? :D