Question: Article Syndication and Directory of Ezines (DOE)

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    I have been following the threads on BHW for some days now, 3+ hours each day. I have started to implement what i have learned here across 3 different niches.
    But i have a big question about Article Syndication.
    What I want to do is this:
    1. Write long QUALITY articles
    2. Allow them to get indexed and then,
    3. Submit them to ezine publishers in my niche and gain targeted traffic

    It also helps you build authority.
    But i could not find any good ezine publishers in my niche. Their sites are all outdated.
    Now, this method in itself costs nothing, but i can get access to the directory of these publishers if i buy the DOE (Directory of Ezines) (Its a clickbank product for $197 by Charlie Page). Its a significant investment for me at my current stage.

    Having said all this, what would you guys suggest. Has anyone ANY experience with DOE or Charlie Page or Article Syndication??!!

    Many Thanks!

    P.S. These ideas about syndication are just ideas. I am just starting on it so i have no proof if article syndication is worth it or not! Much of these ideas were influenced by warriorforum.
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    Welcome to BHW thegrandim enjoy your stay...

    Not sure I picked up correctly on your OP, you kick off with reference to BHW then sign off quoting WF!

    Just to put you in a comfort zone you will learn lots and lots in BHW!

    As for WF anything written there, is about as much use as a 'Lifeguard at a Car Wash!'
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