Question about using private proxies to build & rank websites

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    Sep 19, 2013
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    I'm not just throwing this question out there; I've done a lot of research on bhw before putting up this question about proxies. I use a rent-a-site model which has been very successful over the years for a p/t job. But they were low/no competition areas. I started doing it full-time in a few competitive fields(bail bonds) and now when I put up a site, google won't index it. Competitors kept on flagging my videos on youtube, reporting me to google for supposed trademark violations, etc. So I'm thinking about ordering some private proxies, but after reading many of the posts here, it seems like it may not be enough. So here's what I've done: cleared all cookies from firefox, used the better privacy plug-in to erase flash cookies. I don't do aggressive link building, just social media and a unique, content-rich site. So at this point does anyone think this is enough for me to use a private proxy to register & build my newest site, open gmail account(I use twilio for #s) and start with social media without google knowing it's coming from me? Any thoughts/advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Also, does anyone know a private proxy company that lets you pick out the city up-front(like LA)?