private proxies

  1. akshayp83

    ⭐⭐IGNITEPROXY⭐⭐ | Premium Data Center Proxies Starting from $0.5 only! | Flat 20% Discount (Recurring) | Customized Proxies Plan Available!

    Hello BHW Community, We're thrilled to announce that We've just launched our Premium Data Center Proxies in two strategic locations: the US and India. Whether you're looking to scale your operations, enhance your web scraping tasks, or simply need reliable proxies for your projects, our new...
  2. N

    CAUTION: Don't use for your private proxy needs

    Hi there, Been purchasing proxies from proxy-store for a while, but lately they decided to stop caring about customers, customer support and quality of the proxies. I was buying private proxies from them at $2.57/pc (lower with their generic promo code: BONUS30 - not affiliated ); advertised...
  3. C

    proxy for gsa search ranker

    hi, does anyone know where to buy private proxies? i want to use it on gsa search ranker. i already bought gsa proxy scraper, but some proxy have been banned by google. can u help me?
  4. Proxyhulk

    ⚡️BOOM⚡️PROXYHULK IS BACK | Dedicated proxies | Residential Proxies | 4g Proxies ⭐️Special Discount For BHW

    Shared Packages offers : PHK-500 500 Shared Proxies 83$ monthly PHK-1000 1000 Shared Proxies 130$ monthly PHK-2200 2200 Shared Proxies 220$ monthly PHK-2500 +2500 Shared Proxies 250$ monthly USE COUPON CODE : PHK15BACK to get 15% discount for shared packages Only for BHW members...
  5. Rockstar007

    Affordable 4G Private Proxies For Social Media | Only Clean Proxies | Unlimited Bandwidth

    4G Private Proxies For Social Media Let's Keep It Simple! Features ✔ Only Private Proxies ✔ Unlimited Bandwidth ✔ Cheap Price ✔ Username & password authentication ✔ Location: India ✔ IP rotation default time: 5 minutes ✔ No shared proxy ✔ Speed: 4-20 Mbps No API configuration available Pricing...
  6. skylimitles

    4g / LTE mobile proxy service. API controlled. - 4g Mobile proxy service OFFER FOR members - 20% discount on every purchase Details about our proxies: Type HTTP or SOCKS Authentication method with user/pass or IP address IP change interval by your request. 5,10,20 minutes or without IP change Dashboard...
  7. proxysideio - ⚡10 Million HTTP/S & SOCKS5 Premium Residential IP's Backconnect Private Rotating Proxies ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐

    >> Click Here to Order Now << Want a special 10% BHW discount? Reply to this thread "Send me the SPECIAL BHW OFFER". We will send a discount code via BHW private message. REFUNDS: We do not provide refunds and we can refuse to provide the service without giving reasons. Contact us...
  8. Peter Trebek - Premium, High-Speed, Anonymous Private Proxies

    What is a Private Proxy? A private or dedicated proxy is a type of proxy that can be used by only one client at a given time. You don't share it with anyone, so you have complete control over how and when you use this proxy. IPRoyal private proxies features: Unlimited Bandwidth & Threads -...
  9. the gent

    Proxies for eBay

    Hi there, I'm interested in buying Private Proxies for account creation on eBay, is there any recommendation here by anyone who tried any service in BHW or even outside BHW It will be helpful if anyone know a GOOD SERVICE, and If you don't want to write it here, just pm me. Thanks. I'm not...
  10. M

    Xrumer private proxy use issue

    Hi, I've loaded my private proxies into xproxy.txt but cannot get Xrumer to use them. These same proxies have been working for me in Scrapebox. Here is the error log message Xrumer throws "Result: bad proxy (disallowed posting without proxy);" Somehow it doesn't read the proxies and thinks...
  11. GainRank - Private IPv4 .10 per Month | IPv6 Unlimited IPs .50 /Month | Custom Anti-Detection

    Contact us: [email protected] REFUNDS: Refunds can be requested at any time for the remaining amount left in your account. Refunds will only be sent back to the original method of payment, no exceptions. Refunding of proxies is not available, unless there are service outages or issues with...
  12. sk8tavou

    ✅ ✅ Private HTTPS/SOCKS5 Proxies - INSTANT DELIVERY

    F.A.Q. Do you offer bigger packages? Of course we do, just contact us. Can I pay with Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency? Of course you can, just place an order and contact us. Do these proxies need user : password? No, these are IP authorized. What's the speed of these proxies? The proxies are...
  13. cchipster

    Private Proxies... My experiences...

    I've now tried 'Storm Proxies' and 'MyPrivateProxy (dot) net' and both DO NOT work for social media platforms (Facebook). Cannot log in at all and blocks me. Storm Proxies was fast for the first couple of hours of use (during the refund policy oddly enough lol) then died off to as slow as dial...
  14. Proxy Gurus

    Quality Proxies from ProxyGurus - We Offer Proxies in the UK, Germany, USA, Australia and India.

    ProxyGurus' mantra is to deliver quality proxies to our customers. We offer multiple USA locations for our USA proxies, and we also offer proxies in the UK, Germany, Australia and India. Our proxies are priced very competitively, and we provide unparalleled 24/7 customer support. . Pricing...
  15. poweronics

    30% OFF on Top of the Standard BHW Discount! Buy Elite Proxies from $0.68 Each at Elite Private Proxies Elite Anonymous Proxies with 100% SLA Guarantee ULTRA SALE with 55% Discount for BHW Members! 30% OFF on top of the Standard BHW Discount (Original Thread URL >>>) Available for 10 First Customers! Hurry Up to Get the Deal...
  16. Gaurav Joshi

    Exclusive 20%off for BHW Users Private & Shared Proxies Instant Setup with Dedicated Panel

    Review Copies Available For First Five Jr.VIP
  17. lord_of_dragon

    How to Setup Your Own Proxy Server Using Debian-9 64X[No Hoax]

    I dont want talk to much but this is works and I want to share it for you all. If its work, thats because of just gave me a chance to learning in this beloved forum and all of you my friends! #Noted - This is only for 1 ip proxy for 1 server or 1 VPS,Using the cheap one is...
  18. dbs00

    Dedicated Private Proxies (from 0.8$) | Shared Proxies (from 0.25$) | Discounts | Custom GEO | Bulk

    Dedicated Private Proxies (from 0.8$) | Shared Proxies (from 0.25$) | Discounts | Custom GEO | Bulk Selling Cheap Private Proxies (from 0.8$ on the bigger packs) and Super Cheap Shared Proxies (from 0.25$ on the bigger packs) Unlimited Bandwidth & Threads. Anonymous Proxies. No logs are...
  19. PureDigE

    Looking for- Jarvee wiz, private proxy master, hashtaggers

    Got deep knowledge of private proxies and working those with Jarvee? Master of hashtags? I'm looking to meet some people on here who are interested in work/$$ and love growth hacking. Only dope minded individuals who want to have continuous projects to work on. Insta, FB, YouTube (especially)...
  20. BoostChef

    How to use ipv6 Proxies on Instagram?

    Is there any bot which supports proxies in ipv6 format? I have alot of ipv6 private proxies but I don't know how to convert them to ipv4 and use in bots. Can anyone guide me here on how to do this? Is there any method? Any help would be really appreciated.
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