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Question about links.

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by METISGOBLIN, Feb 6, 2016.



    Nov 30, 2015
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    Hi guys :eek:,

    So i want to start my own website but there is on question who is bugging me,
    my website would be about new rappers or new musicians, about people who's doing something and generally this kind of people have some backlinks.
    rappers have a rappgenius or a bandcamp (both platform), musicians have soundcloud(musicall platform), and both have twitter facebook bigcartel and other shyt.

    But my Question IS: if i make an article about them, should i post all the backlink (soundcloud/twitter/facebook/ exct) on the article or should i just talk about them artistically ? is it bad for seo to put link like this
    or is it good ? because there is a lot of musical website and sometimes they didnt post all that kind of stuff just a soundcloud, or they post a link who made a redirection about other article about the artists on their own platform, but zero link like twitter bandcamp ext..

    btw there would be criteo pub or adsense pub on my website its the main purpose of it.