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    Jan 18, 2015
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    i have a few days when i registered in sharecash network for pay per download but they didn't accept me and didn't leave me an email why they refuse me and i try again but the same thing has happened.

    so i decided changing the website an i tried in fileice.net but the result was always the same
    (refuse whithout leave me an email).

    so i want to know what are the requirements to accept me in ppd networks ?
    what's the best method can follow to earn more money in ppd ?
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    Oct 28, 2014
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    I have a pretty good network here that will allow you, no super descriptions, just answer what they ask. CPALead is the network.

    I'll tell you exactly what I did to make money with PPD.

    1 - Find a very popular niche, like Clash of Clans, League of Legends, etc.
    *Tip: When you choose a niche, prefer the one that have something it users would do anything to get, I mean, League of Legends has Riot Points, and its players are crazy for it, got it?

    2 - Create a website, you can easily do it with WordPress. Try to name a domain that would help you ranking later. Make your website simple, you can copy the original site of your niche, this will increase your credibility when someone go there.

    3 - Buy (or create) Facebook accounts, I recommend the PVA + aged (6 months) so you don't get any problem with the next steps.
    By setting up your account, try to make it as human as possible and optimize it to your niche
    *Tip: If you want to buy, i recommend 247Accs

    4 - (optional) - Buy a software that can automate your Facebook account(s), I was running like 12 accs when I decided it was taking so much time and effort and my project could easily pay the software. So I bought MassPlanner, and I'm still using it (since June 2015) .

    5 - (optional but very important) - If you won't be noticed so soon that you have accs banned from Facebook, you should buy Proxies, set it for each account (Max 2 accs per proxy) and you are good.

    6 - Now with accs completed, you'll start joining groups that are proper for your niche, DO NOT go over 20 solicitations by day, I let my accs to do actions between 30 minutes. Think with me, it's really better and more secure to have 10 accs in 40 groups thank 1 acc in 400 groups.

    7 - While you're waiting to be approved, start writting lead-ins, those are the texts you'll post on groups with your link, write at least 20 different so you won't get problems with Facebook temporarily banning you from posting.
    *Tip: If you'll use images and will repeat them between those lead-ins, change the format and resize, one for each (Facebook uses machines, not human eyes haha :) )

    8 - Start posting, be calm and persistent, don't go hard in order not to have accs banned, I had at least 30 accs banned when I was learning Facebook techniques.

    So, I could give like a LOT of more tips and things to make it better, but for a reply it would be too long haha, if you apreciate it, I'm going to write a thread specially for it.

    Best regards,
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    great content and precious tips ..........i will try it soon

    thank a lot.