Q's about: [METHOD] Make easy $50+/day using Instagram.

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    ive been reading about 50 pages worth of the tread in the title

    And i have a couple of last questions, so far i have 20 accounts up and running (ive been warming them up for the last few days), i also have OGads, but ive requested a landing page (its a follower generator)

    Now i know how to buy all the domains and setup unlimited hasting but:
    can i use the same landing page format on all those domains/websites? (as in each website has the same look)

    Also how do i lock that so OGads registers each time someone clicks/submits their name. and is that it then? i see that there is and offer section and a request landing page section, are they two diffrent things? is the landing page i relieved and will host enough to start earning?