Q: pre-landing pages and OGads LP requests

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    I'm trying my hand at the whole OGads thing (you know make $ a day etc etc) and i have a few quick questions but first here is how far i am:

    -i have 20 accounts all on new proxies and they are all verified and good
    -im signed up to OGads and i have requested a page
    -https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/method-make-easy-50-day-using-instagram.874297/page-17 -tahts the tread i am reading through with all information but there are still a couple of questions:
    -im buying 20 cheap domains now.

    1. Do i just need to request one landing page that i can use with all my accounts?
    so i can have 20 domains all lead to one OGads landing page?

    2. i understand that it goes like this
    IG account ---- in bio have a shortend* that leads too----my own website.xyz-----ogads landing page
    in my own domains/websites can i just have a page with a button that says 'click here to get new followers/download'? do i need to ad any other content?
    3. i hear a lot of talk about web 2.0s as landing pages can someone explain more on what that is? wouldnt a normal page with a link to my ogads LP work fine?


    *shortened URL is not to protect against IG crawlers but too look good since people are less like to click .XYZ domains
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    I want to know too.