[Q] - How to rank/drive tarffic/SEO optimaze e-commerce site?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ralfs30, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Hi there,

    I have to do some SEO work, SEO optimize and drive traffic to new made e-commerce site, mainly for Australian traffic.

    Whats the best things I should do?

    Is there any difference in SEO from e-commerce site and regular website?

    Where should I submit this site, what kind of backlinks I need, etc.? :)

    Please send me an PM! :)

    P.S - Maybe here is some cheap/semi-pro service which can provide SEO and all the good stuff for e-commerce website? :amish:
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    And you haven't tried to do PPC yet? Outsource to CPA for Pay Per Sale? Really, think out the dumb Google Box you are trapped in. SEO should only be 1% of the total plan. Yes many people can take your money for SEO, but I don't recommend any cheap services. Don't take the post as RUDE or MEAN. You need to learn the hard way that selling on e-commerce like a scrub won't get you anywhere. You need a solid strategy based solely on how well you know the psychology of your target prospects. Cheap seo can get you a few sales, but a king strategy makes you a empire. Check the BST section and READ ALL FEEDBACK per thread. Don't get fooled by idiots who 5 star their own threads, read real comments, and make the decision based on quality not price.