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    Hello, my name is Robert and I am writing on behalf of, our new CPM Pop Under Network.

    A few things about us

    We try to differentiate ourselves from other pop under networks through a few elements:
    1. More time with the publisher/advertiser to define their needs. Even though our system is fully automatic, we prefer to talk to each advertiser before setting up any campaign. Account managers are taking care of traffic assignment, optimizing each campaign individually.
    2. Enhanced security. We manually check all websites and campaigns, making sure our terms of service are respected and that no fraudulent activities occur. The system detects fraud patterns, blocking placements automatically.
    3. We carefully select all websites submitted by publishers. It is important to have quality content in your website before you decide to register. A clean look, proper written language, appealing content, these are recipes for acceptance.
    4. We put at your disposal efficient tools to track your impressions. Our analytics reports are real time, with a 2 minutes delay.
    5. For Publishers, we work with 2 types of payment methods, which can/may be intertwined: A classic revenue share method (which can be up to 75% of what advertisers pay for the traffic you deliver, set usually for starter websites) or a fixed rate (these are established for our regulars, people with established websites, professional webmasters).
    6. The new dashboard we implemented is very user-friendly, allowing everyone to register and submit their website in just a few minutes.
    We are currently looking for publishers from all geographic areas, especially Tier 1 countries, both desktop and mobile traffic. We are new on the market and we strive to offer you good rates and reliable support.

    How can you reach us ?
    1. Send us an e-mail to contact @
    2. Through our internal ticketing system
    3. Use our contact form -
    4. Add us on Skype, Yahoo or ICQ – account: pwrads

    Welcoming you with open arms,
    Robert | Pwrads Support Team
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    What targeting options are available?
    I preffer url targeting- but that requires some sort of browser extension or toolbar.
    Do you have that?