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  1. B

    Alternative Advertising Network to AdSense for Apk Websites.

    Hello friends, I'm looking for an alternative advertising network to AdSense for my Apk website. I'm open to suggestions other than Adsterra.

    Ad networks - do you work with them?

    Hey guys! Were wondering if you work with advertising networks? How do you know if it's a good one?
  3. tazarbm

    What's the easiest Affiliate / Advertising Network to Make Money With?

    What's the most beginner-friendly affiliate / advertising network that.... 1. accepts everyone without much fuss 2. doesn't care if your content is unique, duplicate, yours or copied ad-literam from somewhere else (I won't mind giving credit to the source, however) 3. pays fast (net 30...
  4. salamsoosis

    PLEASE HELP! I have a 25K model instagram page. How to earn money?

    Hi everyone. I have a 25K fitness models (women) instagram page which is more than 1.5 year old and has not ever had any ad or links on it. 1.How can I earn money from it? 2.And what causes it to be banned which I should becareful when advertising? Thanks so much
  5. T3Marx

    Yahoo and AOL will form new company called ... Oath

    Another powerful advertising platform is on it's way... Yahoo and AOL are expected to form a new company under Verizon called Oath. Verizon's goal was to use Yahoo's billion users to build an online advertising powerhouse to rival Google and Facebook.

    What are the adtech influencers you follow?

    Following the rules and staying competitive in an ever-changing environment implies you are well documented and up-to date with the developments. In an endless pool of information, which is social media these days, it can be quite hard to filter high quality and accurate information. What we...
  7. Somiibo

    Trustworthy CPM network for new low traffic sites

    Hi everyone. I am just getting in to online money making as a publisher and need a few tips. I'm having trouble getting people to my site, and I am looking in to how that can be fixed. But regardless, most CPM networks I've looked at have a minimum requirement of an insane amount of traffic...
  8. metalflower

    PwrAds - CPM PopUnder Network

    Hello, my name is Robert and I am writing on behalf of, our new CPM Pop Under Network. A few things about us We try to differentiate ourselves from other pop under networks through a few elements: More time with the publisher/advertiser to define their needs. Even though our system...
  9. A

    New PPC and CPM and CPC Site - Advertising services

    fast ads network advertising system Advertiser : Invites site ads up and enjoy our services in the field of Internet advertising out the service and publish your products on all over the world and deliver any desired slide, and all you have to do just Join calculates the advertiser and start...
  10. K

    2500 DAILY visitors but only 0.5$ DAILY

    Hey guys please help me out I have an adult blog which generates about 2500 daily pageviews BUT i am earning only 0.5$ aday and that too by using 3 ad networks 1. adultadworld - 0.25$ FROM POP UPS and rest 0.05$ CPM 2. juicyads - 0.16$ DAILY FROM POP UPS AND BANNERS 3. EXOCLICK - IT REALLY...
  11. W

    Traffic Vance (PPV Advertising)

    Is anyone aware of discounts available, or ways to get a discount, when signing up for TrafficVance (PPV Advertising company)???
  12. D

    Has anyone used studads and are they a good advertising network

    Has anyone used studads and are they a good advertising network? I signed up with them but before I send them money does anyone have any experience with them? I would like to know if they have a good conversion rate with your offers from click bank and other CPA offers?
  13. J

    I want to start an ad network

    Hi BlackHatters. I want to start my own ad network. Anyone any advice they would care to share about how I should start? Also, Chelsea or Liverpool today? Jay
  14. S

    Monetize a PR5 site with over 100k page views a month?

    I own a PR5 website with over 110k page views a month that I am looking to monetize. I am interested in contextual ads, display ads, audio ads, video ads and even monetization of the search function on the site. The site is a user generated audio site with over 50k different audio files. We...
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