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Put up to 8 Adsense ads on one page!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by SejtanovRatnik, Dec 17, 2015.

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    Nov 26, 2015
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    I see a lot of questions about how much Adsense ads you can put to your page. Most of "experts" on BHW says, you must be premium publisher to put more than 3 ads on one page.


    You can put up to 8 ads on single page. Only trick is, you must use Google DFP.
    For you who doesn't know what is DFP, that is Google platform that help you serve ads (with lot options - geo targeting, number of impressions and lot more). Example: Local bussines in your country would pay you 1000$ to show 10.000 impressions of their ad (300x250px) on your website. You go to DFP, and upload their Ad to DFP, and tell dfp to show that ad 10.000 times, ony to people who visit your country.

    So when you register on DFP you will need to create ad unit. When you enter unit name, size, you will see field "Adsense inventory settings" and you need to enable it. This option allows Google to put Adsense ads in that Ad Unit, when CPC for Adsense Ad is bigger than CPC for Local bussines Ad.


    Local bussines pay you 1000$ for 10.000 impressions, CPC = 0.10$
    Google Adsense have Ad with CPC = 0.20$
    DFP will show Adsense Ad because it have bigger CPC.

    And here is method.

    1. Find out average CPC in your country. I live in Bosnia and Hercegovina - average CPC 0.02$.
    2. Create up to 8 ad units, and put them on your website.
    3. Create 8 new campaigns (Fake campaigns, create ad about any real company from your country, and put link of that ad to their Facebook page) IMPORTANT - Put ad link to their Facebook page, not their website, because if your fake ad go to their website, they can see referral from your website, and we all wan't to make money and nobody to ask questions.
    4. Create campaigns so average bid of every campaigns be around average CPC of your country.
    In my case Bosnia average CPC 0.02$. I create campaigns like this.
    Campaign 1. 1000$ for 75.000 impressions - CPC = 0,013$
    Campaign 2. 1200$ for 50.000 impressions - CPC = 0,024$
    Campaign 3. 1500$ for 120.000 impressions - CPC = 0,012$

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