Proxies, amazon, and fake account question . . . check my workflow!

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by chiua, Oct 28, 2011.

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    A big thank you to everyone, as this site has proven to be extremely useful in learning all things ebay and amazon.

    I am currently looking to create 50 "reviews" on amazon for various products i would like to promote. I think the workflow created below should work, but i would highly appreciate any feedback from you guys.

    1.Create 50 normal accounts on amazon with proper emails, and VCC on file. I am assuming i can simply use private proxies and not need a Virtual Machine for each of these accounts.

    2. Make a cheap purchase for each account.

    3. For each reviewer i want to write 5 legitimate reviews for other products, and 1 review for the product i am trying to market. Spacing these out over days i hope will make it seem more normal.

    What do you think? Doable? Should i take additional precautionary steps?

    A million thanks in advance.