Pros, cons, thoughts to White Lable SEO Services

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    Hi, we've been looking to put together an Offline Marketing Company for several months now. Thanks to the Forums, I've been devouring the information up and would love to give back once we've got some practical experience to share! Btw, i've got alot of respect for this forum, it seems to be very well balance, and i'm starting to call this home.

    I've been studying SEO, social marketing, rep management, etc.. for the past 6 months.. We would like to concentrate on local seo services (in any english speaking areas). Originally, the thought was to outsource and complete some of the services inhouse. BUT, i've come to the realization that we are good at lead gathering and closing sales, we are not afraid to ask for the BIG $$$; therefore our efforts would be better utilized in sales and marketing as opposed to the tech side of the business.

    *** NOTE, the best sales team will win, not the best product. It is not our intention, nor will we have a crappy product or services but ultimately it doesn't matter, if you know how to close (although a high turnover rate is no fun if your product sucks)***

    Maybe this is my first give back, there are no gimmicks to getting sales.. No secret sauce, no wso.. Just good old fashion lead gathering and sales.. Closing.. closing.. closing... It's all rehashed stuff, it has been going on since the begging of time before "how to win friends and influence people".. Without sales, your product ain't worth a d*mn! Better mouse trap, etc.. etc..

    This brings me to WHITE LABLE PRODUCTS; I've recently come accross a Company called "eBrandz Inc" which offers a white lable solution to seo needs, meaning they handle the back office, including product mangement, private lable webportal to manage client and access for clients to login. Our comany would be the face and interact with the client, the client would not see the provider (eBrandzs)... I'm sure there are more white lable companies out there that offer this service.

    Whould love to get thoughts, input, Pros, Cons to using this type of services.. any other similar services that would meet our needs and so forth. Look forward to the discussions; pro or neg... It's all goooood....

    We want to offer GOOD products and services!