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"Probate" niche keyword's

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by tejsin, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Wow, awesome list. I have a feeling these will become more competitive after this post however.
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    Yeah, so if you want a list that has never been shared here PM me with your price and I will
    not let you down :)
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    Why don't you get them in csv file and attach them or upload to mediafire ;)
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    Not by a lot. Most people on this forum never take action. And of those that do most fail because they quit too early.
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    The reason why a few of us succeed here :D. There is never really any threatning competition regardless of the info given. People are lazy.

    Impressive list.
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    Well, thats true.
    Work this list out, have guidance here at BHW by reading and work it out again. :) Take care
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    Checked the keywords out including my state in the mix. All I found were low CPC. Might work on a national level though and that is what I'm looking into.

    Every family has to run something through probate at some point in time. I'm getting close to that time so writing articles for this niche would be fairly easy for me.
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    and if you buy a good domain, you can optimize for different keywords and receive tons of traffic that can convert pretty good ;)
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    Nice list with lots of those great and profitable long tail key words!
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    If you like other, please let me know :D
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    nice list. not my field of iterest (probate law) but what software or service did you use to extract this data?
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    Its not a software, its a subscription :D. (Niche a day I think) :)