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May 27, 2012
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Hey BHW,

I'm new to the whole Pay Per Download thing, but I thought I'd give it a try.
So i've read through many related threads on here today, but all the PPD sites that I checked out pay only once a month..
Is there a PPD site which allows you to transfer the earned money instantly to your paypal?
(Doesn't matter if there is a minimum amount of cash you have to have)

Because I need the money from that in the next couple of days already, and not at the very end of the month ..

Thanks very much for any advice or suggestions !

(If this is the wrong place for this thread I'm sorry, but I didn't know where else to put it)
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Most PPD sites are basically brokering offers from CPA networks.
This is why they only pay you on NET30: they can't pay you before they collect money themselves from the CPA networks.

That is to say, I highly doubt you will ever find a PPD site that pays you on request with no delay.
You can try rapidgator.net they pay once a week,instead of net30
If you mean PPD (with surveys) then I don't think you'll find many willing to take the huge risk of instant payments. Like someone said before, we get our surveys from CPA networks and they generally only pay on a NET15 or NET30 basis. So there would be one stage where we'd be paying out of funds we don't have yet and considering if your leads are poor quality/faked, they can withhold payment, then the owner is out of pocket.

I own FileSummit, a PPD site, and I'd be open to discuss quicker payments with you, if you meet some conditions.
thanks for all your replies and help !!
now i get why they only pay out monthly or weekly. I'll figure something out, thank you everyone
I'd have to say the only way to get paid instantly is if you sold your own products and used Paypal, payoneer, or some other quick person to person payment processor. You could always charge per download if you have something really good people will pay.
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