Feb 14, 2022
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Hi guys

Pretty bummed out about this.

Just opened up a new company on Bristol and we haven’t had a chance to really get branding going yet and only 3 weeks in!

Anyway we have been doing video recruiting to get started and one candidate made a Reddit post concerned as we didn’t meet in the office yet! So wanted to know it was all safe. Somehow someone put a link to another company that was shut down in bristol two years ago that was a bad sales scam company.

there’s only a few comments but it’s on the 3rd page of google when you type our name!

I’ve asked the legal team to reach out to the user to respectfully remove and also sent him everything to show we have no relation. Flagged it with Reddit today and sent them everything to show it’s not related but it’s damaging our customer base already!

So ridiculous as we have no link or anything to them. This sales company got roasted on Reddit. I’m just worried that people jump on the bandwagon

We have only been open 3 weeks and had nothing but positive reviews but this just came up!

I’ve just set up our google page so in the next few days we can ask clients to review that our indeed is 10 reviews 5*

is there anyway to remove this? Or I’ve researched that downvotes 200+ can remove or take it off index?

Any advice be appreciated

worked our ass off to set up this company

blood sweat tears into it!

I know I might be panicking as only seen it today and spent 3 hours trying to resolve and Reddit might just remove it or the dude

But just in case they don’t!