Port Forwarding Expert Needed - Amazon AWS EC2 Instance VPS

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    I have a main server. I have an "agent" program that I would like to spawn on many Amazon EC2 VPS's.(I know how to create the VPS, just don't know how to configure port correctly.) It connects via a certain port. All VPS are Windows Server 2008. Main server is Windows 7.

    I need someone to help me correctly configure the port forwarding on both the VPS, along with the Server.

    It should be an easy job for anyone that knows networking, but I've tried all I can do to no avail.

    I'd be willing to pay someone by the hour, etc. I need this done ASAP. (PayPal Payment)

    Please contact me on ...
    AIM: HealeyV3
    Skype: HealeyV3
    gTalk : [email protected]