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Popcorn's making money journal everything I do

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by popcorn9257, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. popcorn9257

    popcorn9257 Junior Member

    Jul 27, 2008
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    Empire State
    I have been here for a while and read many posts but I rarely implement those methods.

    I am writing this post to record almost every thing I do for traffic and money.
    I hope this post can courage or reveal some useful info. to other newbies or who are not making any money yet. First sorry for my bad English and let's start.

    I will try to update frequently, I hope ,because i am very lazy.

    Currently , I own 2 blogs with domains, xxxxxx.info and xxxxxx.com iam sorry i can't reveal my niche.

    xxxxxx.info is a blog but actually it is like a landing page because I only write a post that is about products review and free trial.

    XXXXX.com is a blog, which I use to practice my SEO techs and get organic traffic. On xxxxx.com i put a very obvious ads that points to xxxxx.info.

    I put my keyword in titlel tag meta keyword tag and meta content tag, for SEO purpose, thougn they are not very important .

    Now I am getting my content with Caffinated content and wp-o-matic, but they are not orginal and have many duplicate contents with ton of same titles on Google. So i decide to write my own articles or use just published article on Ezinearticles.com.

    I verified my site on Google webmastertool, uploaded my sitemap and robots txt, after I use RSS tool submit my site too 30+ RSS engines. I registered at onlywire.com and submit my site to those social networks. My main page got indexed within 1 day.
    Today I read one ebook about backlinks called blackbelt, which can be found here

    Now, i am trying to get some backlinks, and I will write more about how i did my keyword research and competition check next time.

    BTW, i like to analyze websites, if okay, PM me your site url.
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