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    I am a newbie. I have been on reading info on this site for quite a while. I am amazed of all the different IM tactics on here. I want to focus on something that has a great chance at success. With so many different options, I am asking for suggestions on what to focus on in the beginning. I would like it to be newbie "friendly", and with a good chance for success. Im not asking to be spoon fed or any hand outs, just good advice on where to put my focus and energy in at the start.
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    The reason that people always flame these kind of threads is that the answer is to look through all the forums. If people were to decide to answer every one of these with advice, it would just create a lot of threads with duplicate information.
    Someone that does CL marketing will say that's the best way to make money. Then he'd give you some method that's already posted in the Craigslist forum.

    Then someone else that does CB marketing will say that's the best way to make money. Then he'd give you some method that's already posted in the ClickBank forum.

    Someone will say get a website and work on getting traffic, then post something from the White Hat or Black Hat SEO forums.

    Someone will say to do article marketing. Then they'll post something you can already find in the Associated Content section.​
    It goes on and on until you have a thread full of good advice, but you're overloaded and don't know where to start. I might tell you to try affiliate marketing with clickbank products, but that might not even be the best thing for you to do with what you already know.

    Best to start by reading this thread: Guide for New Members.
    Then start browsing the forums to get an idea of what each is about.
    When a forum you find seems to have threads that make sense to you, and has methods that seem like something you could do. Keep browsing that forum till you have a good idea of what the people there are doing. Then try one of those methods.

    If it doesn't seem to work as well as you thought, don't just give up. Go back into that forum and find a thread about what you tried to do. Ask a question about the part of what your doing that doesn't seem to work right and see if anyone has any ideas.​
    If you can't find a thread already discussing the problem you're having, then go ahead and start a new thread in the related forum. Tell a little bit about what you already set up, and ask if anyone can see what your missing. Then tweak you're project a little by trying the advice you get. You can even ask before starting if you have a list of steps your ready to try. Get some feedback on if you have the right idea. It just need to be a question that might actually have an answer.

    To get good answers you need to be asking more specific questions. Broad questions like steer me in the right direction will only get a lot of methods steering you in too many different directions. Or get you a lot of flames. Either way it won't help you.
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