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    Whats up BHW!...
    I've been looking at the idea of getting a few PLR blogs and setting them up with WP-Robot AutoBlog to pretty much automate them completely. I have done quite a bit of research on the subject (relativity speaking) and now would like your opinions on a few things.
    I see that most PLRs come with 10 or so articles, site content, pics, affiliate/adsense ads, videos, pretty much the full set up, this looks great since the worst part of IM for me is generating content from scratch. I am well aware that the content ALL needs to be heavily modified and rewritten, so just assume that any site I put up has had a full content makeover and now contains copyscape passed "original" content.

    Now for the questions portion of this post...
    • Is it realistic to think that this method could be lucrative, or are these PLR sites mass produced in such great numbers that they no longer generate a profit?
    • Is it reasonable to think that I could rank on some low competition keywords fairly quickly with one of these sites? I mean if all the content is reritten would i still get penelized by google and other serps for having the same sourcecode in all other aspects besides content?
    • Which monitization method would (in your opinion) be better for this particular method, adsense or affiliate, Im leaning towards adsense but I'm not sold on it yet.
    • Most places I look at all sell the same PLR sites. While I understand the resell rights tactic however I would like to avoid using the same site thousands of other marketers have bought and set up. Do any of you know where I can find some more unique PLR blogs? I would like to avoid the most comonly used themes for these type of sites to avoid being generalized by the SERPS as..well..what I am...A bull sh*t autoblog.
    • Are there any FREE PLR sites available on the web (im going to check the downloads section as soon as I post this, so if there are some there feel free to point them out but dont throw the burner at me because I'm headed over there now)
    • Advice on autoblogging these sites "safely"?
    • Any other suggestions? (All advice is welcomed)

    Your time and advice is very much appreciated and highly valued

    Thanks BHW bloggers,
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