Please Help Me Brainstorm/Plan this Promotion.

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    I have an idea for my whitehat ecommerce store. I'd like to run it by you all, and see if you can poke holes in it, and help me improve the plan. By hashing it out here, I'll only create a profitable campaign for us, but hopefully, this thread will inspire you to create a profitable campaign for your own stores.

    I'm in the process of scheduling one of my top 100 items, to go onsale, each day at near cost, or maybe a very small profit for 24 hours. Similar to woot. I have the software in place on the site that can make this happen. My thinking is this. Item X, only 29.99 while supplies last. Then, when the limited number is sold, or 24 hours elapses, the price goes back to regular price. When this item expires, a new item goes onsale.

    Because these sales are for 24 hours only, i believe i'll have to promote this through social networks, such as twitter or facebook. My thinking is this. Even though this is onsale for a very short time, people will still link to each of my product pages. Getting even this small number of links to each product page is likely enough to drive each of these product pages to number 1.

    That part of the plan seems sound to me.

    However, how the heck to I promote this? I have 1 twitter page with 8K followers. And another with 4K. I can write and schedule tweets for each of these items each day. No problem there. Should I have MORE twitter accounts that can RT each item to help it along until this catches on with my followers? I'll work on adding followers to both accounts.

    Now, what about facebook? Would a fan page, or a group be good to promote something like this? Which would be better? I'm not too familiar with how facebook works, so i'll need some good advice here.'

    What about press releases? I guess this isn't really "news worthy", but any ideas on how I can use the power of a press release to make this work for me?

    What do you think? If it was you, what would you do?