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    Hi guys,

    I am in need of help. I recently bought a 9gag clone script and had it installed to my domain.

    The place where I bought it from had a customization for approved theme, features and icons claiming to add my own touch to it.
    So I checked with them giving them a brief description of what I wanted if they can write me a script for achievements to my visitors as 9 gag clones do not have this functionality. This achievements feature that I am looking for is more of earning trophies by actions like gaining a lvl or posting more than 5 times in a row etc.. They replied back saying that they needed to do some research first and got back to me a few days later saying that it is possible and quoted me how much.

    So I gave them a detailed list of things that I wanted specifically on how I want the achievements be earned and gave them examples on how I envision it to be and this time seeing that it is much more detailed, their charges for the script has increased saying that it will be finished 100% within 7 days from the day I paid them.

    So I eagerly waited for the feature to finish which was 2 days late. They implemented it on my script and I was happy at first and tested the whole thing out and found out that certain feature which I had requested is not being implemented yet. After weeks of tests and debugging getting them to help me fix certain issues on my site with the new feature I paid for.
    They mention to me that this feature will be available to buy and I can download the updates as an add on and if it is cheaper than the price I had paid for they will refund me the balance of the money. I paid these people to develop a code for me, giving them a full documentation of how I wanted the script to be, tested and debug, and now they are telling me that they are going to sell my idea and hard work to other people and refund me the balance.

    I just felt like being used now. This is outrageous. I did not volunteer or get paid for testing out a script for them so that they can sell it to other people when it is perfect. I paid them to develop a script for me as a customized feature on my site. Do they even have the rights to sell this as an add on and offer a partial refund back to me??
    Please advice.
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