Pinterest has a new feature

Pinterest probably had an idea of how much demand this option has and is testing to see how it will be received.
We can use affiliate links on Pinterest a long time ago. What am I supposed to see in the picture? That we can now use shortened links?
An affiliate marketer can use this feature in many ways and it's very interesting though.
Pinterest said it would be free and that it's an issue right now and they're working to fix it. This feature will come for free to all accounts.

Well even if this feature its added i dont think its a good idea to directly an affiliate link ,its better to add a landing page or an article that direct to your offer
Still lot of people work with pin so good luck for all :)
I've sent them multiple messages. I told them to do this. They will be really effective if they do this job properly. A lot of people will start using Pinterest.
hi, how did you contact them? through mail? i have been trying to contact the, for a long time, but they are not replying. please help
Is it really? Wow, that's great. This feature will be a good opportunity.
I can see a lot of people making money by taking advantage of this feature.

Just think: AliExpress affiliate + this… Bank.
I have 1.5k followers mostly in USA. It has millions of views. I haven't used it for a long time. I saw something like this when I wanted to post again. I checked my other 36k followers pinterest account and it wasn't there.
Shadow banned on the 36k follower account?
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