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Performance Fallback – Drive your traffic carefully

Discussion in 'Media Buying' started by mobidea team, Oct 16, 2015.

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    May 19, 2015
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    Do you know that feeling when you are just one step close to jumping on a freefall and suddenly you can?t distinguish fear and adrenaline? Well in Mobidea you won?t feel it. Why? Because there is absolutely no risk on working and testing Mobidea. With us you will jump to success because we work hard to provide you the best possible experience either you are a Mediabuyer or a Webmaster.

    As you should know, Mobidea has this amazing feature: Performance Fallback (PF), and since it arrived we took the risk out of the equation. The main purpose of this new feature is to drive your traffic to the right solution according to its performance. If you have a better solution out of Mobidea, you can send you traffic there depending on the performance metric you set (eCPM). And the best part is: it?s all automatic.

    In a generic definition you will set a minimum eCPM for a specific target that you want to receive. If Mobidea doesn?t reach that eCPM the traffic will be redirected to another URL that you previously had set (where you know that the performance can be better). With this you always win! If Mobidea has a better performance you win with us, if Mobidea doesn?t have a better performance you win in another place.

    Let?s check how you can win with PF, without any risk:


    Now that we saw all the PF flow, let?s understand how to set it on Mobidea.

    PF is an Advanced Option available in all Smartlinks.


    Turning ON PF you will see the next options:


    Here you have the possibility to define rules for a specific segment of your traffic and and manage. You can exclude or include traffic in your rule, add more than one rule per smartlink, target only specific countries, operators and OS?s, and also work differently according the performances during the day. Let?s be clear and simple explaining PF in the next situations:

    Situation I ? Segment

    If you think that Mobidea has a lower performance in a specific segment you can set a minimum eCPM that are willing to receive.


    Meaning: All the traffic from France > Bouygues > iOS that can?t reach eCPM=5? will be automatically redirect to http://anotherURLfromAnotherCPAnetwork.com

    Situation II ? Exclude

    If you want to focus in Mobidea only one specific segment that you know we are very good, you don?t need to include all the countries in your rule. Click on ?include? and apply the inverse logic than the explained above. ?Exclude? will appear.


    Meaning: All the Polish traffic, except T-Mobile, will be redirect to http://anotherURLfromAnotherCPAnetwork.com if it can?t reach eCPM=3?.

    Situation III ? Different performances

    Let?s adapt rules for different OS?s performances.




    Meaning: Redirect the Brazilian traffic to http://anotherURLfromAnotherCPAnetwork.com if Android can?t reach eCPM=1,5? and/or if iOS can?t reach eCPM=2?.

    Situation IV ? Shared Operator and Daypart

    You know that you will notice a lower performance in a specific operator, in several countries, during the weekend.


    Meaning: Redirect all the Vodafone traffic, in some European countries, during the weekend if the performance doesn?t reach eCPM=3?.

    As you can see, PF is a very useful and adaptable feature. You should understand first how to use it, learn more about your market (adult, dating and/or mainstream) to gain the required knowledge to manage your traffic in the best possible way. Why drive traffic to an eCPM=8? if you can get more?! You have now this great opportunity to test different performances without any risk.

    I hope to have explained you the PF simple and clear, after all there are only advantages in this feature.

    If you have any doubt on how to implement it please contact our support team!

    Your traffic was waiting for the Performance Fallback to give you more revenue!!

    Good luck!
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